Important Dates:

Open Beta: 09/04 - 09/08
Headstart: 09/12
Official Release: 09/16

Servers will come up on all dates at 10:00 PDT.

Mark these dates!


[LC] SeawolfX13 Excited!
Schoolya I am ready.
[LC] [VIT]Dealthand Lets rock this!!!! If you have questions just ask me. I've been playing it for months and know most the in's ...
The beginning of ArcheAge’s next test phase is nearly here! We are proud to announce that Closed Beta will commence next week with our first event, A Brighter Age.Closed Beta Events will be three to five days in duration and your progress will persist between each event. Closed Beta Event 1 (CBE1) will run from Thursday, July 17 (10:00 AM PDT) to Monday, July 21 (10:00 AM PDT). Much like ArcheAge’s 

Alpha, the level cap will be 50 and we encourage you to share your ArcheAge adventure with the world via video, screenshots, or livestream as there will be no non-disclosure agreement (NDA)!Eager to explore and provide feedback on the sandbox world of Erenor before ArcheAge’s launch later this year? Sign up for a chance to be invited or guarantee your access to ALL Closed Beta Events by becoming an ArcheAge Founder. Invites and installation steps will be sent via email before each event. Closed Beta forums will be opened for testers to share their experiences, meet other players, and discuss Closed Beta feedback with the ArcheAge community.
Have more questions about Closed Beta and beyond? Check out the ArcheAge FAQ!

Strain Dev Speak

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